Composite Wood Decking and Siding: Observations from Your Home Inspector

In our previous blog post, we took a hard look at wood rot—one of the more common and costly problems that can affect wood structures in a home, from siding to door trim, window framing to cabinetry and decking. Today we turn our focus to composite wood, another popular choice in home construction that has […]

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Home Inspection 101: Checking for Wood Rot

In certain parts of the country, April is the month of the year that sees the most rain. While this is excellent news for avid gardeners and those hoping to save on watering their yards, the increased wetness has its negative side—namely, its effect on the wood structures in a home. With this in mind, […]

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Why Performing Your Own Home Inspection Isn’t a Sound Idea

Here’s one of the most common questions posed to real estate agents by home-shoppers who have found a property they’re interested in: “Is it okay for me to perform my own home inspection?” This is usually followed by a statement like, “I’m pretty handy around the house. If there’s a problem, I’ll find it.” The […]

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