5 Reasons to be Thankful for Home Inspectors

In this time of giving thanks, the team at A-Pro Home Inspections would like to wish our friends in the real estate community and the homebuyers and sellers we serve all the blessings of the season. As we gather around holiday tables to reflect on the past year, the folks at A-Pro are profoundly grateful […]

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It’s Fall! Let’s Take a Look at A-Pro’s Home Inspection Gutter System Checklist

With autumn upon on us, it seems appropriate to return to a topic that can’t be emphasized enough, especially during this time of year when leaves literally rain from the sky and winter’s ice and snow aren’t far behind: Don’t neglect your gutters. This is a particularly important message if you’re in the market for […]

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Home Inspection Checklist: Fire Hazards Part 3

In our previous two blog posts on fire-related issues that may be discovered by a home inspector, we looked at indoor electrical system red flags (lack of GFCIs, overuse of extension cords, outdated wiring); service drop concerns (inadequate clearance, dangerous disconnections); and garage defects (lack of a fire-rated door between an attached garage and living […]

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Home Inspection Checklist: Fire Hazards Part 2

In last week’s blog post, we looked at some of the electrical-related fire hazards that are most frequently discovered during home inspections. Today, we’ll be digging a little bit deeper on the topic, expanding our examination to include more electrical-type dangers as well as other areas/systems in the home where the threat of a fire […]

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Home Inspection Checklist: Electrical-Related Fire Hazards

If you’ve ever considered skipping a home inspection as you search the market for the right property, we’ve got an important message for you: Don’t. As a home-shopper, there are many solid financial reasons to hire a certified home inspector to perform a comprehensive foundation-to-roof checkup, pointing out everything from missing roof shingles to a […]

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